Things I Am Addicted To

I’ve found myself telling people a lot lately that I’m addicted to things…. lots of things.  So here’s the official list of all the things I am addicted to.

Coffee. It definitely has to be first on my list.  I seriously feel off balance if I haven’t had a cup of coffee in the morning.  I think even professional help would be a lost cause at this point…

Sticky notes.  I have at least 20 of them on my desk right now.  And when I’m on the phone I’ll leave the most random notes ever… Sometimes I’ll even write down what I’M saying.  Why?  I have no clue.  But I love you sticky notes…

I can’t even imagine my life without running.  Rain, shine, hot, cold, weird stalkers following me on their bikes, I don’t even care I NEED RUNNING!

Music.  My iPod only has room left for like a couple more songs and it’s seriously depressing.  Curse you music addiction!

Work.  If I don’t have any actual school or work to do I tend to just create more.  It’s either because I have self-torturing tendencies or no regard for my mental health.  More on that later…

Sleep.  It only makes sense that, as a workaholic, I’m addicted to as much sleep as I can get.  I probably don’t get nearly enough of it and yet I’m a hopeless addict.  It’s a tragedy I live with every day of my life.

Tom Brady.  He’s a gift from the football gods and also a walking definition of remarkable man candy.  I love you Tom Brady.

Football.  I’m addicted to football in general but Mark Sanchez is a fitting photo for the caption because he IS football.

Boots.  Yet another hopeless addiction that I don’t really care to be cured of.  I’m addicted to shopping in general, but boots in particular.

Making lists.  Sticky notes closest friend.  I’m such a nerd.

Ralph Lauren perfume.  I forgot to put it on one day and I almost cried.

Reading.  Too many books to count is still never enough.

Mobster movies.  From Edward G. Robinson to Robert De Niro, I’m clearly obsessed.

English actors.  It’s probably just the accent, or the fact that I love England so much, but either way if an English actor is in it (and especially if it’s Hugh Grant), I’ll watch it.

Rowan Atkinson.  He’s technically another English actor, but this is my blog and I say he’s amazing enough to get his own spot on the addiction list.

Math.  Supposedly my worst subject (and actually one I used to DESPISE), and yet I’m so addicted to it.  I love solving problems in my head, and can’t get enough of polynomial long division.  Nerd-life forever ❤

Muffins.  Need I say more?

Collin from Nancy Drew (and Nancy Drew games in general).  Being in love with an imaginary animated Englishman is ALWAYS okay.

Nature Valley bars.  I definitely bring about 5 of these with me everywhere I go in case of emergency.

Telling people thank you.  I once went through a stage where I decided not to use manners at all, and now I overuse them way too much.  Awkwardness ftw!

Stealing my brother’s GQ magazines.  What can I say?  The colognes smell really good!

So that’s about all the things I’m addicted to.  I’m probably forgetting things, but you get the general idea.  I’m hopelessly obsessed with a lot in life.  But hey, it makes life fun so that’s all that matters!


3 thoughts on “Things I Am Addicted To

  1. This is awesome! I find myself addicted to some of the same things. Hmmm really makes me stop and think of all the stuff I’m addicted to. It’s kinda scary!

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