Why Would You Ever Wear Anything Besides A Sweater?

Let’s talk about sweaters 

With the fall/winter season coming up (which just happens to be my personal favorite), a lot of people will probably enjoy talking about things like the holidays, hot chocolate, apple pie, seasonal sales, and so on.  But I’d like to talk about sweaters.  Because let’s face it… Sweaters are amazing, and that’s just simply a fact of life.

Sweaters. Aren’t they glorious?

 Why are sweaters so amazing?  Well I’m glad you asked!  It’s probably due to the fact that they’re so comfy, or maybe because they look pretty darn cute with skirts (don’t worry guys – they look good on you too!).  But anyway, here are a few suggestions on when to utilize the magical power of sweaters.

Don’t know what to wear?  Throw on a sweater – they are never wrong!  Ever.

Feeling sad?  Put on a sweater, stir up a fresh cup of hot chocolate, put your headphones on and drown the heck out of your sorrows.  Thank you sweaters!

Sick of walking around all day in uncomfortable clothes?  There’s a sweater for that.

Basically, whenever you find yourself in an unfortunate situation, want to look fashionable, don’t know what to do, or even find yourself questioning life, look to the sweater.

I’d like to reinforce my explanation of sweater-love by listing a few of my go-to sweaters (and trust me, there are many).

Red + Cashmere = Instant win

First off, who doesn’t love red?  It’s universally acknowledged as the best color in the world (sorry less cool colors), and second, who doesn’t love cashmere (unless you’re allergic to it — yikes!!)?  So, to keep it short, you might be laughing at me now, but just go try on a red cashmere sweater and you’ll come crawling back to me begging for more of my insightful sweater-related genius!

Cardigans are sweaters too

Cardigans are awesome.  While my love for them is not as profound as my love for a regular ol’ sweater, they’re still indisputably magnificent.

A sweater by Ralph Lauren is an instant win.

Ralph Lauren is known for being preppy, and when you mix preppy and sweaters you come up with a whirlwind of brilliance.  God bless Ralph Lauren and his glorious sweater-making capabilities.

Oh my gosh — is that a shoulder?

Off-the-shoulder sweaters are resplendent in my book.  They can pretty much be suitable for all weather.  They’re comfy.  They’re amazing.  They’re clearly ingenious

I could certainly go on and on about my love-affair with sweaters.  But in short, when Black Friday comes along, you guys know what will be in my shopping bag.


2 thoughts on “Why Would You Ever Wear Anything Besides A Sweater?

  1. Lol, great article! I’m a fan of sweaters too. Nice to know I am not alone 😉

    Message me if you would like to see my blog, judging by your posts, I think you would appreciate it.

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