A “Thriller” Anniversary

From one glove to red and black leather jackets, to white socks and fedoras -dancing with zombie-like choreography with a bunch of monsters, or breaking out into a moonwalk or anti-gravity lean, Michael Jackson had all the ambience and flare of a truly iconic musician.

Today marks the 29th Anniversary of the release of Michael Jackson’s album “Thriller,” one of Jackson’s most successful albums. In fact, it was so successful that it sold a million copies worldwide per week upon its release.

The moment is bittersweet for Michael Jackson fans as some may wish that the singer were still around to revel in the accomplishment as well, but for some, the recent conviction of Dr. Conrad Murray for involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson is of some consolation.

Nonetheless, the anniversary of Thriller is a time to reflect and remember the legacy of one of America’s greatest musical legends.

The album included many songs which would reach Billboard top charts within no time, including “Bille Jean,” “Beat it,” “Wanna be Startin’ Something,” “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing),” “The Girl is Mine,” “Human Nature,” and of course, “Thriller.”

While some artists dream of making that one song that will appeal to millions of viewers worldwide, Jackson envisioned creating an entire album chock-full of “killer songs.”

Thriller was just that album, and Jackson became fully aware of it when he took home eight Grammy Awards in 1984, including the award for album of the year.

The album also gave way for many iconic music videos to come, including the 14-minute video for Thriller which would be voted the most influential pop music video of all time, and MTV would begin to run it twice an hour to keep up with the demand. Other influential videos would include “Billie Jean” (the first Michael Jackson video MTV aired), and “Beat it.”

Michael Jackson in his Thriller video

Michael Jackson made the album Thriller, with the same drive and meticulosity that motivated him throughout his career, in fact he was once quoted as saying “I’m never pleased with anything, I’m a perfectionist, it’s part of who I am.”  And in fact he was still exercising such motivation up until the very end, when he was preparing to perform a concert series in London.

Now, the 29th Anniversary of the release of Thriller will allow millions of music fans worldwide to remember the music legend, and to celebrate the accomplishments of the King of Pop.

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