What’s On Your Tree? – Favorite Ornaments

During the holiday season it’s always fun to bring out the box of ornaments and rehash memories of Christmases before. With each ornament holding a memory or story behind it, everyone probably has their personal favorite. In the spirit of the holidays, I thought I would go ahead and share some of the favorite ornaments I have hanging on my tree.

First on my list will have to be my “I Love Lucy” ornament. I watch this show religiously, and have probably seen all the episodes at least 10 times, so I was excited to find an ornament dedicated to Lucy and Ricky! I think the expressions on their faces really captures the characters’ personalities well.

My second favorite ornament is this Christmas ball. It was actually handmade in Hawaii which is where I was born, and it was one of the first ornaments I ever had so it has a lot of sentimental value.

Next on my list are these “blue suede shoes” made popular by the Elvis song. I actually found these at the Newseum when they were featuring an Elvis exhibit (not sure if it’s still there or not). I may or may not be one of those crazy die-hard Elvis fans, so this is definitely a signature ornament on my Christmas tree.

I actually just received this ornament this year and I was pretty excited about it. I’m a pretty huge Pats (and Tom Brady) fan, and what better way to support your team than dedicating a whole spot to them on your Christmas tree?

This last ornament doesn’t have as much sentimental value as the ones above, but I just thought it was a beautiful ornament. It’s a reindeer all decked-out in gold sparkles I found at Pier 1 Imports a while ago and it’s been in my collection for about 2 years now.

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