Valentine’s Day…. Single.

As much as we try to deny it, most women are all about sappy sentiments and those pandemic traditions… Valentine’s day being the “head hauncho” of them all.

But if you’re someone like me, and have lived a valentineless life (cue the violins), it might be easy to get down or fall subject to the blues around this time… So I thought I’d put together a couple ideas on how to spend valentine’s day without… well, a valentine.

I’ve heard a couple people say that it’s sort of fun to treat Valentine’s day as a “grieving day” to commiserate your lonesome suffering. So I could tell you to get comfortably into your baggiest sweats, go to the nearest grocery store, stock up on Ben and Jerry’s, put Celine Dion’s “All By Myself,” on repeat, and sigh ย aimlessly, but really.. That’s no fun. Who wants to do that?

My motto is usually “buy lots of candy and be happy.” But this probably doesn’t work for everyone… So I’ll throw out a couple other ideas too.

One nice way to spend Valentine’s day single is just to surround yourself with people who love you and who you love being with – friends, family, siblings, etc, and do something fun. You can do just about anything and everything (if I really have to suggest how to “have fun” I think we’re dealing with a deeper issue than just cluelessness as to how to spend valentine’s day alone).

Another idea is to spend time treating yourself. Is there something you’ve been meaning or wanting to do but haven’t gotten around to it yet? Or maybe if you have some extra cash you would have spent on that “special someone,” you can be your own valentine and spend it on yourself – this is where that “buy lots of candy” motto comes in, at least for me anyway…

You could also plan a party with other single friends. Play lots of games, eat lots of food and be merry. And who knows? Maybe you’ll find a “potential valentine” there.

(A useful song to rock out to if you’re serious about the party idea…)

Finally, you can also just do the usual and spend the day/night how you would any other day. If you don’t have a valentine, then it actually is a good time to pull out the old “valentine’s day is just an excuse for companies to make more money” line and treat it like any other day. So what if other couples are going out for romantic dinners and laughing and giggling, and oohing and awing over each other. They could be doing that any other night too, but do you take so much notice to it then? Probably not.

Also – just throwing this out there, you should eat lots and lots of conversation hearts because they’re the greatest candy known to man and only come around once a year (I may or may not have gotten 10 bags this year).

Overall, you really shouldn’t feel down or depressed during valentine’s day. You shouldn’t define yourself by your relationship status or measure your worth by the acceptance of other people. Take this time to realize what you are thankful for in life and to build up confidence in yourself, and have fun!

So keep calm and eat conversation hearts!

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  1. Great Blog!! And thanks for commenting on ours ( – insert shameless self-promotion here :).

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