Why It’s Okay To Be An Obsessive List Maker

I’ve realized there are two types of people in this world – those that make lists and those that don’t.

Oh, and then there’s me.

I have a list for everything. In fact, one of the first things I do in the morning is make the “daily list.”

My daily list is more of a to-do list than anything. It includes objectives for the day, people I need to call, and other various reminders that will help me maintain maximum productiveness. Today’s list alone has built up to include about 25 different things, but I’m taking them one at a time.

Then there’s my ongoing (and ever growing) list of things I want or need – but mostly want. Since I’m pretty much broke all the time, there’s usually more adding to the list than crossing off. But it includes everything from clothes to makeup to office supplies.

And I can’t forget my “end of the month” list. It includes little “ins” and “outs” for the month. To the average onlooker, it’s basically a list of nonsense. But to me, it serves as a fun little memory of the month past, including a few goals I set for the upcoming month. It includes a list of annoying habits I need to stop (cutting down my coffee drinking is one of them but let’s face it, that’s never gonna happen), new movies I want to watch, and new hobbies, things, or people which I consider “in” or “out,” of my daily life…. Well that’s basically the list in a nutshell anyway.

Coffee and I have a mutual love for each other

I even recently made a bucket list that may or may not have built up to 200 items. I won’t put you through the horror of listing off all of them, but they include realistic, presently attainable goals like going back to dance class and taking a bicycle trip, and more “in the future” type goals like going to La Tomatina in Spain and riding in the Tour de France.

La Tomatina – the most epic tomato fight ever.

Then there’s a list I have that’s sort of like a bucket list but more of a reminder of the upcoming, realistic goals and plans I have for myself. These include a few educational, occupational, and general life goals.

But the list I get made fun of the most for is “the” list. It’s a list I made about 2 or 3 years ago, and includes qualities I seek out in friends or (dun dun dun), a potential suitor.

I’m not picky or judgmental by any means, but when it comes to having a close circle of friends, I’d rather be around people who build me up rather than tear me down. So a couple of the qualities that crept their way up to the top of the list are “kind/compassionate,” and “forgiving.”

If someone doesn’t meet the qualities I don’t wave my list in their face and ban them from my life forever, and I don’t accost someone upon meeting them and say “ARE YOU KIND?” But I just make a mental note in my mind that this person probably isn’t going to be someone I share my personal confessions, goals, and dreams with if I get to know them and they impress me as something other than that type of person.

Then there’s the “potential suitor” list. I get laughed and scoffed at for it by my friends – mainly because I’ve put it in my scrapbook, framed it with a heart and pink and red rhinestones, and surrounded it with pictures of people like George Clooney, Hugh Grant, and Tom Brady (and maybe Edward Cullen…). But what I get mocked the most for is when I feel the need to pull it out and award points based on each quality.

George Clooney. Just because…

The qualities are far and wide – including everything from the bare necessities such as showing up on time, and having a sense of humor to obscure personal preferences like educational and energy level and different hobbies (I also may or may not have added British accent). But a lot of these qualities aren’t really a “hit or miss” thing. They’re just out there for me to remember.

A fun song to sing when thinking out the “bare necessities” of your list…

The list starts out with qualities that are absolute necessities and goes down to the ones I can give or take on – back to the whole British accent thing.

At this point, I’ve stopped trying to justify “the list,” or the millions of other lists I make within the span of a few weeks. It’s a little crazy, I admit that. But the bottom line is these lists tangibly signify the standards, goals, and dreams I have set for myself (well, and the fact that I have an unhealthy obsession for writing every single thought out on paper).

The lists I make serve as a self-reflecting process. Writing down your goals, dreams, reflections, and standards for the past, present, and future, allows you to turn your visions into a plan – one which you will be reminded and motivated by each time you read over it.

In other words, making these lists forces you to sit down and think about what you want out of the day, a relationship, life, etc. and then serves as a constant reminder and keeps you accountable for not settling for less.

So I encourage you to get out your paper and pen and think… What’s on your list?

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2 thoughts on “Why It’s Okay To Be An Obsessive List Maker

  1. I too am a list maker; a rather obsessive one at that so I totally understand. I am composing a list of “chiller” songs; songs that send a chill up my spine whenever I hear them.
    I really enjoyed reading your post I especially liked the picture of Geoge Cloooney.

  2. That sounds really cool! Glad to know there are fellow obsessive list makers out there.

    Who doesn’t enjoy a nice picture of George Clooney? Ha. Thanks for reading!

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