Totally Obscure Valentine Gift Ideas For Single Women

There’s nothing more fun than being your own valentine… No really.

I know a lot of people complain about Valentine’s day being commercialized and worthless etc. etc. but I’ve always loved any and all holidays, especially Valentine’s day even though I’ve never had a Valentine. If that’s weird I don’t care.

I’m the type of person that takes holidays to the extreme. I love to get crafty, decorate, give gifts, be creative, and yes… get incredibly cheesy. And Valentine’s day is a day I can flaunt this quality to the extreme.

Valentine’s day includes the following: hearts & heart-shaped everything (seriously if they could somehow make the sun heart-shaped I think they would – and that would be awesome), hot pink glitter, chocolate, flowers, pink, pink, and oh did I mention pink?

Heart shaped pancakes, cookies, bouquet of flowers, ring, and chocolate. It’s all okay.

Valentine’s day is basically like a girly girl on romantic steroids. And it’s a day that forces everyone to appreciate all that is awesome in the world – flowers and the color pink…. In case I didn’t make that clear.

So seriously.. What’s not to love? No pun intended.

For those of you drawing a bit of a blank though as to how to make the day enjoyable, I was going to compile a list of fun, affordable gift ideas that could help you “be your own valentine.”

But instead of throwing out a bunch of the generic, usual gift ideas (even though those hackneyed gifts are delightful), I thought I’d compile a list of some of the weirdest gifts I could find for you or your single gal friends.

I’ve placed them in order from “almost dysfunctional” weirdness to “this is basically normal” level of peculiar.

But weird is fun. So enjoy!

Haven’t found your own prince yet? Try growing one! This is a fun take on one of those “add water and watch it grow” toys you might have had as a kid. You just add water, and watch this frog turn into your prince charming.

Or if you’re not into fairytales you can try out the “grow a boyfriend” which is basically the same as above only no frogs are involved in the process…. It’s creepy how many “grow yourself a man” type products there are out there.

Gorgeous accent, blonde locks, rippling muscles, and says all the right things – he’s the perfect boyfriend. Oh wait, he isn’t real. But who cares? You can still have fun and get some laughs with this “Incredible Instant Adoring Boyfriend” DVD.

These are a different take on conversation hearts with cute sayings like “be mine,” and “xoxo.” These conversation heart candies have saying on them ranging from “I got sober” to “tradin you in” or “go kiss a frog.” They’re pretty funny – and being a lover of all things conversation hearts I say you should buy them.

Why not buy a journal and  use it to spit out all the single-life hating, malicious thoughts you have? Or you know… You could fill it with your life dreams, philosophies, and goals. Those are nice too. washington/1000456218?ean=9780679446897&itm=8&

This is a book with a collection of 200 love letters both fictional and historical. Hey if you want to pull out the really desperate card you could pretend they were written personally for you. That could be fun… Right?

But then again, these are just random, obscure gift ideas I thought I’d throw out there. You could always go the traditional route and buy yourself flowers, chocolate, a new dress, perfume, makeup, a trip to the spa etc.

Go crazy. Have fun. Enjoy Valentine’s Day!

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2 thoughts on “Totally Obscure Valentine Gift Ideas For Single Women

  1. I love the grow a prince present – now, if only it were that easy! I was led to believe that you need to kiss loads of frogs to find your prince…this method is not proving to be successful for me.

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