5 Reasons You Should Stop Questioning Yourself



Being an incredibly introspective person, I am always second-guessing myself. Should I have said that answer in class? Should I have spoken up more in that conversation? Should I have spent extra time working on that project instead of taking time to work out today? The list can go on and on… While questions can be healthy ways to gain some valuable insight and reflection on our decisions and past mistakes, constantly questioning yourself is detrimental to your own growth and self-confidence. So here are five reasons to stop questioning yourself!

You Can Become More Confident & Happy In Your Decisions


By not questioning every little decision you make, you’ll feel more empowered and secure in your decisions. If you question every decision you make, you will in turn become a less secure person. Constantly seeking reassurance, either from others or from yourself, will lead you to feel as if you can’t make decisions on your own without this reassurance. So stop all the questioning and learn to be happy and content in your decisions. 

You Will Have Less Stress in Your Life


Not only does constant questioning make you feel less secure in your decision making abilities, it is also really stressful. It is a ripple effect. You feel less secure and less self-assured because you always feel the need to question yourself. These feelings lead to more stress and anxiety in your life – and who needs that? 

You’ll Feel More Empowered In All Aspects Of Life


While this is similar to feeling more confident in your decisions, less questioning of yourself will lead you to feel empowered in all aspects of life. You’ll wake up in the morning feeling ready to take on the world! You won’t have these agonizing thoughts and self-doubts dragging you down. 

You’ll Have Time For More Important Things


You may not necessarily realize it, but questioning yourself can actually eat up your daily productivity and time. When you focus on self-doubt and questioning thoughts, you may not be able to focus on your work and getting things done. So next time these self-doubting thoughts creep into your mind, don’t engage them and replace them with positive thoughts. Positive self-talk will allow you to go through your day with more energy, confidence, and in turn will give you more time to be productive! 

Your Relationships With Others Can Improve

I don’t know if this applies – I just wanted to use this picture

When you are constantly questioning yourself, it means you don’t have trust in yourself. When you can’t even trust yourself, then how much harder is it to trust others? Or to even trust your interactions with others? When you stop all the self-questioning, it can help you restore trust in yourself, and in turn improve your relationships.

So there you have it! While it’s a lot easier said than done to just stop questioning yourself, try replacing these questions with positive thoughts of self-encouragement. Eventually you can break the pattern!




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