Little Affordable Ways to Add Luxury to Your Life

I’ve spent so much time living day-to-day without actually enjoying it. I’ve spent so much time not showing myself any love or care, and instead focusing on work, school, relationships, and etc. The point of adding little affordable luxuries to your life is that you’re taking some time out of your schedule for yourself, and you are so worth it! So here are a few ideas on how to add affordable luxury to your life!



(Faux) Fur

A little fur adds spice and luxury to any part of your life – from your home to your wardrobe! The great thing about faux fur is that it’s more affordable than real fur, and less cruel to animals (just love those little guys!) Some ideas to add a little fur to your life is a faux fur jacket, blanket, rug, or keychain! See the links below

Faux Fur Throw – Target

Faux Fur Keychain – Nasty Gal

Faux Fur Rug – Pottery Barn

Faux Fur Jacket – H&M


Faux Marble & Gold Accessories

If faux fur isn’t for you (or even if it is), another affordable way to add a little luxury to your life is faux gold and marble! This is an incredibly popular trend right now, so you can find marble and gold accessories in just about every category that look completely real! Below are some of my favorite

Marble Laptop Case – Amazon

Gold iPhone Case – Amazon

Gold Watch – Macy’s

Marble Contact Paper (transforms your surface into a marble look)

Marble Clock – Target

Kate Spade Gold Travel Mug – Nordstrom

Gold Pen – Amazon


A Luxurious Bath

Grab some bubble bath, a bath bomb, candles, wine, roses, whatever you want – it’s your bath! Taking even just five or ten minutes for a little me-time in a nice warm both is super luxurious and you won’t regret it. See the links below from some luxury-bath essentials.

Bath Bombs – Lush

Bubble Bath – Bath & Body Works

Mini Candles – Bath & Body Works

Face Masks – Sephora


Comfy Robes & Slippers

Having fancy, comfy sleepwear can make all the difference when lounging and relaxing at home! Even though it’s a small thing, it’s the little luxuries in life that make you happy! Below are some favorites of mine

“The Cozy Long Robe” – Victoria’s Secret

“The Cozy Slipper” – Victoria’s Secret

“Cozy Fur Robe” – Pottery Barn

Faux Fur Slippers – Pottery Barn


Fresh Flowers

Even just picking up some cheap flowers at the grocery store is another great way to add affordable luxury to your life. Fresh flowers can really liven up your living space and add a fresh aroma and touch of luxury to your home.


Lifestyle Adjustments

This is a totally free (woo hoo) way to add luxury to your life – and the best things in life are free, aren’t they? Adding luxury to your life begins with believing you are worthy of it. Believe that you are worth only the best and you will start to feel more luxurious about yourself and the way you life out your daily life.

Another lifestyle adjustment that can add luxury to your life is cleaning out your relationship-list of less than luxurious people. This means cutting out people who are negative or dragging you down. After all, who really has time for that? Cutting these toxic people out of your life will not only raise the quality of your life, but will give you more time! So it’s a win-win situation.

Another free luxury lifestyle adjustment is taking time to take care of your body, mind, and soul. Dedicate time a few days a week to do an exercise you love – like dancing, running, or swimming! Take time to pray, go to church, meditate, or feed your soul as well. Finally, take time to read a good book, watch a classic movie, or cook yourself an upscale meal.

The point of adding little affordable luxuries to your life is not about material luxury, it is about the gesture and gift you are giving to yourself. You are telling yourself you are worth it. You’re taking a little me-time or buying yourself a small gift that demonstrates you deserve the time and luxury of caring for yourself. So go ahead and live a little more on the luxurious side!


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