My Flight Essentials

Plane rides. Cramped spaces. Long trips. Ugh. It’s sunk in – the exciting energy of the holiday season is officially over and reality is back to stay. Living across the country from my family, for me this means it’s time again for a six hour flight (slowly dying inside). While I enjoy traveling, I’m not enamored by the concept of long plane rides. I try to make sure I’m packed and prepared with all the essentials to make the flight as painless as possible. So here are some of my flight essentials!


1. Iphone (and coffee!)

I know, I know. Typical millennial – can’t go anywhere without my phone. My phone is definitely a non-negotiable when it comes to flying. Whether it’s music, games, podcasts, or even reading material, my phone will definitely keep me entertained and distracted from the fact that I’m on an agonizing half-day death ride. Coffee is also non-negotiable because have you ever tried crappy airline coffee? No thanks…


2. Beats

There’s nothing quite like draining out the noise of the stranger sitting next to you. Plus an iPhone is pretty useless without headphones! The great thing about Beats is that they come wireless so you don’t have to hold onto your phone while you listen to music or a podcast, and they look super chic!


3. Podcasts

I’m addicted to Podcasts! There are so many great ones to check out, but a personal favorite of mine right now is called CaseFile. I’m a huge fan of murder mysteries and crime shows, so if you like thrillers, crime series, or mysteries I definitely recommend checking this one out!


4. Neutrogena Face Wipes

My face is incredibly oily and so when I’m on a long flight like this, I usually opt to go makeup-free and bring along some Neutrogena face wipes. This way I can rub my eyes as much as I want without looking like a raccoon, and keep my face nice and fresh! I also like the scent these wipes come in.


5. Mint Gum

What’s worse than an oily face? Plane breath! I always try to bring a pack of gum or tin of mints with me on a flight to avoid falling prey to this horrendous epidemic, as well as to keep my mouth feeling fresh after I eat something.


6. Casual Chic Sweats

I never understand people who dress up for cross-country or international flights. Are you really happy wearing 6-inch heels on a 6-hour flight? I know I’m not. I go straight for comfortable sweats and a pair of sneakers that I can slip on and off fairly easily while I go through security.


7. Water Bottle

I’m in constant fear of being dehydrated. I’m very conscious about my water in-take each day and I know I definitely can’t rely on those measly cups of water the flight attendants bring you once in a blue moon. So a bottle of water is the first thing I buy once I get through security.

There you have it! What are your flight essentials? Comment below and let me know!


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