My Skincare Tips

Life as a college senior means stressing out about a billion different things which equates to breakouts galore (unless you were blessed by the skin gods with inexplicably perfect skin). For me personally, my life has been one huge stress train with a first class ticket on the stress express. Dealing with stress-induced breakouts, oily skin, and acne has caused me to become a skincare freak trying anything and everything to tame my crazy skin. So before I go off on a tangent about stress and how much I hate oily skin, below are some of my tips for skincare.

1. Healthy Skin Starts With a Healthy Diet

Drinking water and other healthy liquids (such as drinks with chlorophyll and green juices) is essential for healthy looking skin! It will help rid your skin (and body) of toxins which can help you to look and feel (also not to mention literally be) healthier.

The debate on whether or not eating junk food really does cause you to breakout and suffer more from acne is clouded with different opinions. However, I will say from personal experience that my skin is definitely healthier and smoother when I’m eating right and taking care of my body.


2. Stop Touching Your Face!

Not only does touching your face a lot spread bacteria to your face, if you suffer from oily skin like me it also transfers unnecessary oil to your face as well. It’s also harmful to touch and pick at existing blemishes that may be on your face as it can lead to scarring and delay the healing time for these blemishes.


3. Get Proper Sleep

Oftentimes stress and lack of sleep go hand-in-hand, which is a huge nightmare (except not literally since you’re not sleeping). While you may not always be able to control all your stressors, you can more or less control your sleep. Getting proper sleep is a huge benefit to your skin! Some experts recommend sleeping on silk pillows as they’re said to benefit both your skin and your hair. I personally haven’t tried this but it’s definitely worth looking into!


4. Follow Proper Makeup Protocol

The cardinal rules of a makeup user with oily skin:

  1. Never go to sleep without makeup – this leaves excess dirt, bacteria, and oil on your skin all night which is absolutely terrible for your skin
  2. Wash your makeup brushes frequently – again, excess dirt, bacteria, and oil are left on unclean makeup brushes and every time you reuse them you’re transferring it to your face (gasp!)
  3. Use oil-free products – this one is pretty self-explanatory but oily makeup products are definitely a no-no for oily skin. I’ve even used some anti-blemish and acne healing makeup products such as Clinique. Ultimately you won’t know which product is right for you and your skin until you try a few.
  4. Let your skin breathe – caking on makeup all the time is not very good for your skin. Every once and a while I like to take a day or two to go makeup free to give my skin a breather.



5. Develop a Good Skincare Routine

This is absolutely essential! I wash my skin twice a day (once in the morning and once at night) and generally stick to the same products. My personal routine is to use a cleanser, toner, acne repairing gel, and light moisturizer.


Most recently I discovered MaskerAide which has a line of absolutely amazing products for oily skin like mine! They make the perfect product for those pesky pop up zits called SPOTTED! They are clear stickers  that you simply put onto the zit before you go to bed and by the morning time I notice a difference in the size and redness of the pimple!

One of my favorite products by them is their washbeautyco. by MaskerAide Konjac Sponge! It’s a sponge made of konjac root vegetable fibre and activated bamboo charcoal. Charcoal products seem to help with my blemishes and after I dab a little cleanser onto this sponge and massage my skin with it a few minutes I truly feel a difference in my skin.

Finally, they also make a product called detox diva sheet masks which you place on your face for about 10-20 minutes and it helps to minimize pores, detoxify your skin, and leave it hydrated and smooth (not to mention make you feel like a total spa diva).

In short, I definitely recommend checking out MaskerAide if you’re in search of a product to help with blemishes or oily skin or simply to add to your skincare routine.

Share your skincare tips and stories below!


4 thoughts on “My Skincare Tips

  1. I’ve found my skin has improved a little since I stopped using too many products. I think I get carried away getting samples, buying new creams and lotions, and end up using a bit of everything. I’ve narrowed it down to just a couple of things and that’s helped.

    I’ve not come across MaskerAide but you’ve tempted me so I’ll have to check that out if it’s available in the UK! Definitely need to get more sleep though, that’s something I don’t do very well at!

    Great post. Glad to have found your blog too – have followed so I can read more 🙂 Really like the layout of your homepage; can I ask what WP template you use?
    Caz x

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