My Favorite Ways To Style Tights

Waking up reluctantly after quickly switching off your blaring alarm clock, sauntering from the shower to the closet and flipping endlessly through clothes that just don’t seem appealing anymore – it’s the proverbial problem known to women worldwide. Styling an outfit can be both difficult and exciting. But it’s a way to express our unique style and who we are. Most recently, I’ve been having a lot of fun finding different ways to style with tights. Especially given that we’re in that awkward in-between season of winter and spring.

Berkshire Brand Tights

Before I delve into a few of my favorite ways to style different tights, I thought it’d be helpful to also disclose what type of tights I prefer to wear. I recently discovered the Berkshire brand and absolutely love their tights! They come in so many different styles, and the sizing and size guide on all their tights is extremely reliable. I’ve tried out a few different pairs and love the versatility they have. They’re a very stretchy material which is perfect and are also extremely comfortable which can be hard to find sometimes with tights (I’ve had a problem with tights being itchy or leaving annoying lines on my skin before). I definitely recommend trying out this brand, and if you wandered here as a result of my Instagram post the tights pictured there are Berkshire!

Moving on… Here are a few of my favorite ways to style tights


1. Fishnet Tights & Crop Tops

This is a relatively recent fad that I love! I wear mine under destroyed or slightly ripped high rise jeans and a crop top. You could also wear them under ripped black leggings or regular sweatpants and a sporty cute crop top as well. It’s definitely a fun trend to play around with!


2. Under Shorts With Thigh Highs

I absolutely love this look! It’s perfect for those in-between seasons where you can’t quite wear shorts, but you’re tired of wearing pants. I’ve found that you have to experiment and find the right pair of shorts to look right with this outfit (I just can’t make the denim shorts and tights thing look good), but once you do it’s so worth it (and looks super cute).


3. With An Oversized Shirt

Again, for this look you have to find the right type of top to wear with the tights. I’ve found that too sheer or short of a top (or shirt dress) will make this look end up looking a little awkward, but find the right top and you’ll look like a total effortless fashionista.


4. Layering Patterns

This is another one of those looks that can either look super chic or really awkward (there is no in between). Try to pick neutral colors in subtle patterns that complement each other. Although this look takes a bit of effort to pull together, the end result looks so chic.


5. With A Casual Dress & Shoes

This is a bit of a spin off the usually “frilly dress and cute shoes with tights” style, but I love this look. It allows me to express my feminine side while still feeling free-spirited and playful at the same time.


6. With A Dress Or Skirt

This is the most obvious and classic way to wear tights, but it’s classic for a reason. Tights are a great way to amp up your usual skirt or dress, and when styled right they make any outfit look super stylish.

What are your favorite ways to wear tights? Comment and let me know!



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