My Favorite Vacation Wear

I’m officially on spring break and actually planning a big trip coming up at the end of my undergraduate graduation. One of my favorite things about traveling and taking vacations is planning outfits. Vacation wear has a very free and fun vibe to it, so I thought it would be fun to dedicate a post to some of my favorite vacation wear.



1. Elephant Pants

I actually just started trying out these pants from The Elephant Pants and absolutely love them! They are so lightweight and comfy but can actually be styled for weather that is warm or chilly. Pictured above, I styled theme with my Zara jean jacket and a tank top which is perfect for the spring in-between weather. I also plan to take some with me to the warmer climate this summer as well.

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 1.20.08 PM.png

2. Quay Sunglasses

I just bought my first pair of Quay sunglasses a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love. They make so many different varieties and they are all so chic. They are good quality sunglasses and are a must-have for vacation wear.


3. Maxi Dresses

These are also a must-have for me when I go on vacation. They are very comfortable and an easily styled outfit. I really love the dresses from Sabo Skirt, and they make a lot of cute maxi dresses. Throw on some gold bangles and a pair of carefree sunnies and you’ll look and feel like you’re in paradise.

4. Fedoras or Floppy Hats

These also scream paradise! I am obsessed with hats and fedoras (or floppy hats) look absolutely gorgeous (especially if you’re on a beach vacation). Style them with a cute romper such as seen above or a sundress and you’ll be ready to go.


5. Kimonos 

Kimonos are another fashion item that just have that “vacation feel,” to me. I love wearing them with just a bathing suit by the pool, or a pair of jean shorts and a crop top or tank top. They’ll make any outfit pop and are a definite go-to for vacation wear.

Let me know what’s in your bag for your next vacation or what some of your favorite vacation wear items are.



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