Inspirational Quotes For Women

When I was younger I made a quote board of inspirational quotes that I would read through each morning. These quotes helped me through difficult times and sometimes simply helped me to go through the day feeling more empowered and inspired. I thought I’d create a collage of similar quotes for a blog post to inspire and empower my fellow women out there. Please feel free to comment and share any additional quotes you might have to spread the love and inspiration.


I start off with this quote because I adore Lucille Ball. But I wholeheartedly agree with the message. As women we need to stop focusing on our regrets altogether, and just get out there and go after what we want.


This quote can be interpreted in a variety of ways but the heart and soul of the message is to always be true to yourself and never let go of your dignity.


I love Chanel so much more for this quote. As women, it can be so easy to focus completely on how we appear on the outside that we completely lose track of what is inside. As cliche as it seems, we need to build up ourselves from the inside out. Take care of yourself for the purpose of taking care of you for you and not anybody else.


This wouldn’t be a complete list without a quote from Oprah. Similar to not worrying about having regrets, we also shouldn’t worry about failing. Failing is simply part of life and a natural step in the process of getting to our goal. It’s normal to get upset when we fail, but recognize that it’s a temporary setback and you are the one who holds the power to get back up or stay down.

Maya Angelou knows how to live!


This quote always reminds me to take charge of my life and never let circumstances get me down.


I love this quote. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and move forward boldly.


As women, each and every one of us will face obstacles in one way or another. That’s what makes this quote so important.


The underlying message of this quote is also so important (also I just love Amy Poehler).


I relate to this quote on so many levels.


I think this quote gets to the heart and soul of the idea of women empowering other women.

And finally a toast:



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