My Favorite Lush Products

We’ve all been there. You’ve had a long stressful day, you can’t stop thinking about the 10 different tasks you have yet to complete, and your back feels like it’s covered in knots from all the tension. I’ve had one too many of these days myself recently, and have actually started a new nightly routine to help release some of my stress. I start out doing a brief meditation, a short yoga practice, and finish the night off with a cup of warm tea and a relaxing bath. It has only been recently that I discovered Lush bath bombs and they have been a very welcome addition to my self-pampering journey. So in honor of this newfound obsession, here is a list of my top five favorite Lush products so far.


1. Intergalactic Bath Bomb

I’ve started hoarding these because they’re just so beautiful and fun to watch. I love sitting back with a couple of candles lit and watching all the beautiful colors immerse as I drop this bomb into the tub. When all the colors set, the water turns a deep shade of blue filled with endless glitter. Seriously what is not to love?


2. Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb

This is for the inner girly-girl in me who used to cover my jeans in spray glitter and wear nothing but hot pink (come on, we all had that phase). I love how vibrant the water is after dropping this bomb into the water and watching it turn a beautiful shade of bubblegum pink. There’s a fun surprise included in this bath bomb too (spoiler alert: it’s rose petals).

Frozen Bath Bomb.png

3. Frozen Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is everything. It will make you feel like you’re soaking in a heavenly winter wonderland and unleash your inner snow princess. This bath bomb has a lot of glitter packed in it, and I even saw some lingering on my skin the next day. ItΒ has a fresh clean scent to it and will make your skin feel very moisturized. There’s nothing not to love about this bath bomb.


4. Cup O’Coffee Face Mask

This product is something I use more in the morning than at night, as it has a strong coffee smell and caffeine burst that is perfect for a luxurious little pick me up in the morning. As a die-hard coffee addict at heart, this mask was screaming my name in the Lush store and it did not disappoint. My face feels so smooth after using this mask and I absolutely love the smell.


5. Rock Star Soap

This soap has a sweet bubblegum type scent to it that is so strong I smell it the minute I walk into my bathroom. I am in love with the smell and it looks very cute resting on the soap dish I keep in my bathroom. If you’re a fan of handmade soap, you should definitely check this product out.

Feel free to share your favorite Lush products with me in the comments.


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