Review Of The Week: Beauty By Earth

All natural products have been my obsession lately. From eating clean to seeking out fresh ingredients in my beauty and skincare products, I love to find new brands that have a mission centered around creating clean products. This week, I’m reviewing a great company I recently discovered called Beauty By Earth and few of the goodies I’ve tried from them so far! I recently graduated and also went on a little vacation before jumping back into the swing of things, so hopefully I’ll get to blog more consistently from now on. But for now, I hope you enjoy the review.


Self TannerΒ 

After a trip to Hawaii in which I embarrassingly forgot to reapply sunscreen (I’m so dumb I know), I ended up with sun blisters all over my shoulders and arms! I actually wrote my last blog on this subject with some tips on how to relieve sunburn (check it out here). After this, I vowed to never try to tan by the sun or a tanning bed again and searched for an alternative. Spray tans can be expensive, and other self-tanners on the market all seem to have unrecognizable ingredients in them so I was excited to give this a try. What I love about the Beauty By Earth self tanner is that you can apply this once and it lasts for days! Most self-tanners I have used end up washing or wearing off within the same day. This self tanner is truly long lasting, didn’t leave me orange, and didn’t have a weird or unpleasant smell to it (which others ones I’ve used have). You can also order the tanner in a bundle that comes with an exfoliator and applying glove so that you don’t end up with the tanning lotion all over your hands! One final thing I have to say about this tanner is that I love that you can apply it to your face. Since it’s natural ingredients, I didn’t have a problem with breaking out (I have really troubled and annoying skin too). I definitely recommend this to anyone looking to get a nice natural-looking tan.


Superfruits & Chlorophyll Facial Scrub

I can not rave enough about this facial scrub. I’m always trying new facial products, and recently I’ve been loving the all-natural products as they seem to really do the trick for my acne-prone skin. This facial scrub felt amazing on my skin and it smelled so fresh and summery. I loved the ingredients included in this scrub which include aloe vera, essential oils, and superfruit extracts. The ingredients were just what I needed due to my sunburn and felt so refreshing the instant the scrub hit my face. My skin felt so clean immediately after rinsing it off, and I’ve noticed my face is already a bit more clear after one use. This is the first facial scrub I’ve tried from them, but I’m definitely going to try out more and include this in my skincare routine.


Facial Toner With Rose Water

The final product I tried out from Beauty By Earth was this facial toner. I gravitated toward this toner again because I recognized some great ingredients. Witch hazel extract is known to be great for troubled skin, and this toner also had refreshing and cooling ingredients such as cucumber extract and aloe vera leaf juice (I need an IV with aloe vera after the sunburn I had. See the evidence here:Β Attack Of The Wicked Sun Burn). This facial toner also left my skin feeling refreshed and cool, and in combination with the facial scrub I reviewed above really cleared up my skin.

Overall, these products were definitely a testament to the wonders that beauty products with all-natural ingredients can do for your skin and overall health. As Beauty By Earth describes on their site, your skin is the largest organ and everything you apply to it is absorbed right into your system. I definitely suggest checking out their company because using products with harmful or foreign chemicals can really have deleterious effects. Besides, these products (in my experience) tend to have better results than the chemical-ridden ones.

Overall rating: 5/5

If you’ve tried Beauty By Earth or have your own opinions on all-natural products let me know in the comments below.


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