Simple Ways To Grow Your Instagram

Social media is all around us these days. Instagram especially has been very prominent as companies utilize Instagram “influencers” to showcase their products. If you grow your Instagram following enough, you can even get paid for your posts. I’m a huge lover of Instagram – it’s the number one social media platform I use. I’ve been focusing the past 6 months on growing my Instagram and have been surprised at how a few simple techniques have helped me grow my following exponentially within a short period of time. So I thought I would share a few simple tricks on how to grow your own Instagram account.



1. Follow people in your niche

You can find people in your niche by searching the same hashtags you use, or similar hashtags to your own. For example, if your account is a fashion account you could try searching #fashionblogger or #ootd and see what comes up. Follow accounts that are similar to yours, but not with a ton of followers as the more established instagrammers are less likely to follow you back.


2. Leave genuine comments

A general rule of thumb for any platform is that the more you engage with it, the better outcomes you’ll see for your own account and engagement. Leaving genuine comments on a few photos is also a lot better than  leaving generic comments on hundreds upon hundreds of photos, as people are more likely to see you as just spamming accounts rather than actually engaging with their content. I suggest starting first and going through the accounts you follow to leave comments. By commenting and liking on the same accounts repeatedly, you are more likely to see them following, liking, and commenting back on your own photos. After you leave some comments on accounts you follow, use the hashtag technique to comment on some new accounts as well.


3. Post as often as possible (but not TOO often)

I typically try to post once a day. You can post more than once a day, but don’t go overboard as people will likely get annoyed by your photos spamming their feed and unfollow you. It’s also hard to keep up with an account that posts so often. But if you post rarely at all that can also lead to people unfollowing you.


4. Only post quality content

People are more likely to want to follow and engage with you if you post quality photos. Try to stick to a color scheme if you can to make your overall feed look more aesthetically pleasing. With phone cameras nowadays, it is pretty simple to get a nice quality photo. Try to use natural lighting and put some effort into your photos. If you don’t have quality photos to post then limit your posting so that you’re only showing your audience the best you have. It’s better to post less quantity photos of high quality than greater quantity photos of poor quality.


5. Create engaging captions

Post captions with questions in them or asking people to tag their friend. Captions that require your followers to engage will be more inviting and interesting. Conversely, Instagram’s new algorithm catalogues photos based on the words in the caption, so you should also try to use words in your caption that reflect what is in the photo. For example if you post a photo of your new jeans you could say something like “Aren’t these jeans super cute?” Or something along those lines. It might feel a little awkward to be using words that are in your photo, but it’s honestly a helpful way to allow others to more easily find your account and pictures. Be creative and most importantly, let your own personality shine.


6. Utilize the tagging feature

Tagging your location as well as brands and other accounts is a great way to increase your visibility on Instagram. You could also try tagging accounts that offer to feature photos that they like. For example ootdmagazine and liketoknowit are two accounts that frequently feature other fashion accounts. Do some research and figure out if there are any accounts like this in your niche that you could tag and hashtag in order to increase your chances that they’ll feature you at some point.

Do any of you have any tips or tricks you use to grow your social media? Let me know in the comments below.


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