My May Favorites

Flowers are blooming, temperatures are rising – the month of May is coming to an end. During the month, I’ve discovered some products that have made their way into my daily routine and so I thought I would share the top products of my month with you guys today.


1. Hask charcoal line

I had never heard of charcoal being in haircare products before I came across this line by Hask. I’m unashamedly obsessed with charcoal products, particularly when it comes to my skin because the ingredient has done wonders for my breakouts. So I thought hey, why not try it out in a shampoo and conditioner? Charcoal actually is well known these days for being a product that helps to remove impurities which is what makes it a miracle product for your skin. When it comes to your hair, it strips your hair of excess dirt, oil, and impurities while not leaving a residue that other shampoos and conditioners sometimes do. When it comes to these products by Hask, I’m hooked. My hair is very damaged and brittle due to using a lot of styling tools. After a few uses of this line of products, my hair felt shiner, lighter, and just overall healthier. They also make a dry shampoo in this line that is the only dry shampoo I have ever been able to use without my hair being over oily and weighed down throughout the day (so make of that what you will). Not to mention the citrus oil in these products makes your hair smell absolutely amazing. The first time I used the shampoo and conditioner I could seriously not stop smelling my hair.


2. Hask deep conditioners and shine oils

While I am completely hooked on their charcoal line, Hask has some other great products I got to try out this month too. The deep conditioners are a god send for my dried out hair, and the shine oils they sell make my hair look so sleek. I put on a little bit of the oil before blow-drying my hair and straightening it and it looks so much shinier. What I love about their products is that they are paraben and sulfate free and they use such unique ingredients! I’ve already touched on their charcoal line, but they also have hair products containing greek yogurt, coconut milk and honey, chia seed oil, macadamia oil, and other products that are naturally so good for your hair (plus I’ve never heard of products like this being in haircare before – greek yogurt? Why not!)


3. Guardian of the forest Lush bath bomb

For those of you who have read my previous posts, I’m in love with Lush and specifically their bath bombs. I recently tried this one out for the first time and instantly fell deeper and more madly in love with Lush than I thought possible (call me dramatic I don’t care). I’m obsessed with Christmas trees and scents or products that make me feel immersed in an earthy forest (or trapped in a Christmas tree snow globe). This product does just that. The scent reminds me of Christmas trees and the color looks so cool in the tub. I’m definitely going to stock up on these, because who doesn’t want to feel like they’re bathing inside of a Christmas tree? (Okay done saying the phrase Christmas tree now).


3. Bath and Body Works vanilla birch candle

In case you didn’t get the message above, I love earthy smelling products. Among the list of things I’m obsessed with (pumpkins, coffee, Christmas trees, bath bombs, the list goes on…), candles are definitely at the top.  What I love about this candle is that it not only smells great, it also looks super chic so it’s easy to style into your home decor. Bath and Body Works recently came out with a line of candles with patterns similar to their vanilla birch scent, so if this scent isn’t your thing I definitely recommend checking out the other ones.


4. Califa Farms matcha almond milk

I can’t even begin to explain how in love with this stuff I am. I went to my local Gelsons and bought out their entire stock of it, and the grocer was looking at me like I had a third eye. He asked if I was going to be able to finish it all by August (which is the expiration date on the ones I bought),and I was like “are you kidding? These will be gone by the end of the week.” A few days later and I came back to buy some more and had to avoid him because I didn’t want his judgmental stares. Then I found out you can buy a whole case of them on their website. This product not only tastes amazing (especially if you’re like me and in love with matcha), there are many health benefits of drinking matcha. It is known to improve your energy, metabolism, be filled with antioxidants, and detoxify your body. It’s basically green tea on steroids.

What are your favorite products of the month? Share in the comments below.


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