5 Stores To Shop Professional Clothes On A Budget

Landing that new dream job or scoring a great new promotion typically requires you to not only be professional, competent, and qualified, but also to look professional, competent, and qualified. Unfortunately, clothes in general can get expensive, and when it comes to workwear it can often be the most expensive type of wardrobe of all. I recently discovered this unfortunate reality as I prepared to enter law school and realized I needed to slowly transition my wardrobe from college girl to sophisticated adult. Fortunately, I found some great websites where you can purchase chic and upscale looking professional wear at a price tag that is within reason.



1. H&M

H&M offers both stylish casual wear as well as professional wear at a very affordable price. Blazers, skirts, pants, heels, chic bags and jewelry are a must for any professional wardrobe and they offer it all! While they don’t typically have many full suits or outfits available to choose from, they do have many various pieces that can help you create a very stylish professional wardrobe.


2. New York & Company

This store is one of my favorites. Especially when there is a sale going on (you honestly can’t beat the prices for the quality). They have a wide range of professional wear, including full suits, to choose from. The clothes are great quality and instantly add “girl boss” to the list of looks in your closet.


3. Red Dress Boutique

Red Dress Boutique has a lot of cute dresses, pants, and tops to choose from. They also have the trendiest accessories. While a lot of the work-wear looks you’ll find here may be a little more casual (think office job or marketing assistant rather than corporate or CEO), it’s the perfect shop for a look that is both chic and professional.



While I don’t shop here a whole lot (particularly just because the sizing tends to be a little unpredictable for me), they have a huge selection of clothes that allow you to look like you’re wearing a designer outfit for a fraction of the cost. Their suiting selection is surprisingly very good, as well as other professional pieces such as tops, blazers, pants, skirts, dresses, shoes, accessories, and so on.


5. Pomelo

This is one I actually just very recently discovered. But I instantly fell in love. Pomelo’s selection of clothes is incredibly stylish, and they offer some great workwear items at a decent price-tag. I highly recommend checking them out.


Where do you shop for your workwear? I’d love more suggestions!


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