How To Style The New Warby Parker Collection

Warby Parker just launched their newest collection today and I couldn’t be more in love with this eye wear line. As a lover of vintage fashion and this line mixes vintage with modern in a way that will perfectly refine your style this season. The bold browline of the 50s mixed with the structure of the modern era makes these these sunglasses and eyeglasses the perfect intersection of classic meets trendy. I definitely recommend checking their new collection out if you’re on the hunt for a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses or even if you’re just looking for that little extra flair to amp up your outfits. Below are some of my ideas on how to style a variety of the collection.




1. Oversized jean jacket or top with eyeglasses

I’m obsessed with oversized clothes in general, and think it’s a cute way to add a vintage look to any type of outfit. Whether it’s an oversized jean jacket and shorts or a skirt for the summer, or an oversized chunky sweater and a pair of black jeans during the winter – this look is perfect for any season. These eyeglasses are the perfect choice for this look because it really helps pull together an outfit that is both vintage and modern.












2. A sleek shirt and high rise vintage jeans, or a flowy sweater and shorts

For the black pair of eyeglasses, I really like a more sleek look in an outfit. While these eyeglasses are so versatile you could honestly pair them with anything, I think an outfit like this would be a really great way to style them. I particularly like the idea of styling them with high rise jeans and a slim-cut shirt – it brings a classy yet retro feel to an outfit.



3. A moto jacket with sunglasses

I absolutely love these sunglasses and think there is probably a million ways you could style them. They would make a chic addition to any outfit, but I personally think a dark moto jacket would pair really well with these particular sunglasses. You could also pair them with a cute graphic tee or a t-shirt dress. The possibilities are infinite.



4. A loose top and patterned bottoms

I think this particularly look screams summer and adds a touch of feminine elegance to an accessory that is structured and hip. It’s a look that screams “hey I’m a cool girl but also really classy and put together.”

All in all, I honestly think this new collection of sunglasses and eyeglasses is so versatile that you really can’t go wrong in the way you decide to style it. Let your personality shine in your own unique style and have fun with it. This accessory is really a great way to explore and have fun with your closet. Let me know what your thoughts are on the line and how you would style this accessory.


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