My Dream Dressing Room

Floor-length mirrors, walls full of shoes, a purse for every outfit. Let’s face it, at one point or another we’ve all fantasized about what it would be like to have the closet of our dreams. I recently heard about the Dream Dressing Room Project by Arhaus and got to thinking just how I would design the dressing room of my dreams. Below is a mood board I created that showcases exactly the dressing room I would design if money was no object (sadly I live in the reality of student life, where money is as “object” as it gets). I do think there are some great pieces that even if I can’t incorporate them into a dream closet just yet, they could make great pieces elsewhere in my home.


An Open Design

The basic element and foundation I would start with in designing my dream dressing room is that I would have it be very open. No doors on the individual cubbies – I want to prance around and run my hands along all my clothes as if I’m in an early 2000’s chick flick movie. I’d also have an island such as seen in the photo above, because why not?


Marble Floor & White Color Scheme

Although it may almost be too trendy, I love marble interiors and a white, black, and gold color scheme. This would definitely be a must for the design of my dream dressing room.


A wall dedicated to shoes

At this point in my life I don’t even own enough shoes to fill a book-case style wall dedicated to perfectly color-organized Louboutins and Gucci loafers. But hey, this is my dream and in my dream I get a wall full of shoes!


A Gold Art Deco Looking Chandelier 

I love incorporating hints of gold into my decorating, and I think this chandelier from Arhaus would be a super cute element to incorporate into my dream dressing room. I’d either do one big one, or a couple smaller looking ones in this style. I love the classic almost Great Gatsby look it has to it, while still having a style that could fit into any modern decor.

For other lighting ideas, check out Arhaus’ lighting selection and their pendant lighting selection. They really have some cute pieces.


Floor-length lit up mirrors

I’m definitely all about floor-length mirrors. What else are you going to take cute selfies of your outfits in? I love the sleek and modern look of this one above, only I would prefer it a bit wider and longer.


A Lounge Sofa

I absolutely love the regal look of this sofa by Arhaus. I’m not sure if I would stick with the gray color as shown above or go for a white, but it’d be the perfect place for friends to sit and help judge outfits I pick out or for me to crash after endlessly skipping around admiring my dream dressing room. It’s just such a cute piece you can’t not have it in your dream closet!


An oversized sheepskin rug

I love the look of this rug by Arhaus shown above. I’d probably style it the same way (halfway under the sofa). It’s the perfect way to add some flair to any room, and especially to a luxurious dressing room. I’d feel like such a queen with this rug in my dressing room.


Light pink Maison De Fleurs

I love this brand of flowers. What more elegant way to accessorize than filling your room with fresh bouquets of flowers?





Gold wall art

Going along with the color scheme I mentioned earlier, I think super girly wall art like this (just a tad more antique gold looking though) would look perfect in my dream dressing room. I’m not sure if I’d do a couple pieces like this or just one overblown piece of art. I guess I’ll just have to wait until I have my dream dressing room to decide that part.


So that’s how I’d design my dream dressing room if given the chance. Let me know if you like it and how you’d design or what you’d put in yours. It’s fun to dream isn’t it?


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