Pros And Cons Of Working An Office Job

Work, eat, sleep, repeat. This has pretty much been my life over the summer as I work a summer office job and prepare for law school (and afterwards it’s time to enter the real world, gasp!). Working an office job can at times be demanding, and at other times be pretty enjoyable. I decided to come up with a list of pros and cons of working an office job for those of you on the job search, or even for those who already have an office job and have never really thought of this topic in regards to your own work.

I’ll start with the pros:



1. Your work doesn’t have to follow you home

In most typical office jobs, your work ends when the workday ends (at least that’s the theory). Unless you have a crazy boss, you don’t have any pestering emails when you get home (or you’re at least not obligated to check and answer them at home) or work looming over your shoulders. Your home remains for relaxation and work remains for work. It’s great isn’t it?



2. You get to go home at the same time every day

Since offices have set hours, your schedule remains constant, so you can always rely on going home at the same time every day. Plus it’s so much easier to make plans when you have your schedule set in stone.


3. It’s an easy environment to form relationships with coworkers

Being around people (the same people), everyday practically forces you to make conversation with them. This is a great breeding ground for making friends or at least establishing decent relationships with your coworkers. You probably even establish your own lingo and office culture, making you part of your own little in-group.


4. Your holidays are normal

Since most offices are usually closed around the holidays, and it’s pretty much expected that you’ll take some time off around this time, you get to actually experience and enjoy holidays. As a holiday fanatic, this is definitely a pro in my book.


5. You can rely on steady pay

Having an office job equates to having a steady paycheck, which is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

And now for the cons:


1. It can encourage a sedentary lifestyle

Sitting at a desk all day definitely encourages a sedentary lifestyle. You may also have long commute times and get home too exhausted to work out. This is definitely something to keep in mind, and especially find ways to counteract if you do already have an office job.


2. It can get mundane

A lot times office work can involve working on the same projects or tasks over and over again. This can quickly get boring and exhausting, and not everyone is cut out for such work. Make sure you know the position you’re walking into before you accept it, and if you do find your current work mundane, try to find ways to spice it up if you can.


3. Office politics

I honestly haven’t worked in an office long enough to speak authoritatively on this one (that student life), but I can say beware of office politics. Learn how to play the game and adjust to the culture of your office. If you’re in a particularly toxic office environment, see if there is someone you can address these concerns with. If it’s way too toxic, you may want to consider looking elsewhere or filing a complaint. Too much negativity can begin to take a toll on your mental health.



4. It can be pesky to schedule important appointments

Trying to schedule a doctor’s appointment that doesn’t conflict with your work schedule can be a huge headache. Luckily, most offices are pretty understanding when you occasionally have to take an hour or so off out of the day in order to attend important personal appointments like a medical visit.


5. Long commute times

Working normal office hours means you’re also working the same hours most everyone else is, which means you’re traveling at the same time too. There is definitely nothing “rush” about rush hour, and the commute can get a little frustrating. Typically though if your job isn’t too crazy of a commute, the drive is manageable.


Let me know if you have any interesting office experiences and if you have anything you’d add to this list!


One thought on “Pros And Cons Of Working An Office Job

  1. Great post! I think it’s important to find a job where the company culture and style actually suits you instead of going to an office every day wishing you didn’t have to. Balance (and research) are key👌

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