Fourth Of July Fashion Ideas

I’m all about showcasing my festive spirit during holidays. From color-coordinated outfits to detail-oriented decor, there’s nothing more fun than to immerse yourself in holiday spirit and enjoy every aspect of the various holidays. So in honor of the holiday tomorrow, I thought I’d share a mood board of style ideas in case you haven’t picked your Fourth of July outfit out yet.



1. A Vintage Tee & Cutoff Denim Shorts

I love how simple and down to the earth the outfit above is. Nothing screams America like Coca-Cola right?  I’d pair this with some sporty white converse and maybe a casual pony-tail to show off the holiday spirit at a casual Fourth of July gathering.


2. Denim Skirt & Red Accessories

This outfit is still pretty casual, but slightly more dressed up than the one above. I love how vintage it looks while still having a modern, classy feel to it.


3. Red Varsity Jacket & Denim

Denim is definitely my theme for Fourth of July style inspo. I mean jeans were first invented in the U.S. so they definitely have a very good ol’ American feel to them. I’m also obsessed with varsity jackets and think this red striped one is the perfect way to incorporate the holiday theme into any outfit.


4. Blue Stripes & White Converse

I’m in love with casual style. Mostly because I tend to value comfort over anything else when it comes to clothes, and it really suits my personality type (to me clothes are basically just an extension of self). I love how this outfit incorporates red with the red baseball cap, which is also a favorite casual accessory of mine.


5. Red, White, & Blue Striped Shirt

It doesn’t get more effortless than this. This look also has a retro feel to it that I really love (vintage and casual chic are my two favorite style aesthetics). Pair it with high-rise denim and some Ray-Bans and you’re good to go.


6. Red Dress

If you’re going somewhere more formal to celebrate, a sleek red dress is a great option. It’s bold, festive, and sophisticated all at the same time.


Let me know what styles you like to wear during the holiday in the comments below.


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