Why You Should Consider Joining An All Women’s Gym

When I first moved into my new apartment I immediately started exploring nearby gyms to join. I ended up coming across a women-only gym called Total Woman Gym & Spa and decided to try the free three-day guest pass they let you use before deciding to actually join or not. After the three days were up, I instantly joined. It’s officially been a year since and I’ve never looked back. In honor of my gym-aversary I thought I would dedicate a post to why going to an all-women’s gym is so great.


1. You don’t have to worry about getting cat-called in the middle of a squat

One thing that alway made me totally uncomfortable in a gym was the looks I would sometimes get doing squats or the hip adduction machine. Most people really are in the gym to work out, but for the times when you get the gawks and stares, or the occasionally creepy man trying to come up and hit on you, an all women gym is seriously an appealing and very welcome alternative.

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 4.26.16 PM.png

2. You can feel totally confident walking over to the weights section

One of the first memories I have of braving my way to the weights section at the gym was first, being the only girl in the whole section, and second, a guy coming over to me and offering to correct my form. It might just be in my head, but it’s really aggravating to be the only one in a sports bra in a sea of muscle shirts as I’m trying to work out. When I’m at my current gym, I can pick up any weight or hop on any machine as I please and my inner antisocial soul feels totally happy in the confidence that I’ll be left alone.


3. There’s something empowering about a group of women cheering each other on

 There’s definitely a very supportive atmosphere at my gym. The women who go there all seem totally at ease, and I typically go at the same times and see the same people. There’s just something really inspiring about a gym that stands for empowering and strengthening women, and working out with a group of other women who are all about that goal. I love it!

Pictured here is the interior of Pink Iron another all-women gym

4. It’s typically less crowded

Since a women’s gym is catering to a more exclusive clientele, the space is typically less crowded. There have been days when there were literally only three or four other women in the whole gym with me. I love that I don’t have to wait to use my favorite machine or be uncomfortably close to someone as I’m sweating through push ups on my workout mat. It’s definitely a plus in my book.

Let me know what you think about going to a women-only gym.


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