5 Things That Happened When I Quit Coffee

As a long-term coffee addict who couldn’t get by with less than 3 cups a day, the thought of quitting coffee was one of the most horrifying ideas to ever cross my mind. Yet, recently I’ve been making a lot of changes to my diet and daily routine as I strive to incorporate more healthy habits into my life. One of these was quitting coffee, because I actually realized my body had literally become dependent on it, and anything your body begins to depend upon to function can’t really be good for you. In fact, it is believed that too much of a dependence on coffee can lead to problems with your adrenal glands (coffee actually stimulates the fight or flight response in our bodies). Green tea is actually a much better alternative to coffee as it still has caffeine, but less of it and also a lot more health benefits than coffee! So I decided to switch out my morning coffee for a morning cup of matcha (I wasn’t completely giving up caffeine, I’m not a crazy person). Here’s what happened:


1. I slept better

I’ve had much better sleep since I quit coffee. I used to wake up multiple times throughout the night. Now I don’t wake up until the alarm clock annoyingly does its thing, and I actually feel refreshed in the morning instead of a grumbling zombie glaring at everything in its path until coffee is consumed.


2. I actually felt more energy

This was definitely an unexpected effect, but I have more healthy energy ever since I switched to drinking matcha. I only have one cup of matcha per day (sometimes I even go without it – gasp!), which is equivalent to half a cup of coffee. This is a lot less than the 3-4 and upwards cups of coffee I was having so you’d think I feel more tired. But I actually have better workouts, am more productive at work, and rarely even indulge in the cat naps I used to take just to get me through the day.


3. I had less anxiety

I’ve struggled with the jitters and anxiety quite a bit. Coffee is actually linked to anxiety in many cases and can worsen symptoms. Ever since quitting coffee, I’ve felt a more relaxed energy and less anxiety. It really is wonderful!


4. My mood improved (eventually)

Don’t get me wrong, those first couple days I was miserable. Maybe not as much from quitting coffee, but more just from the mindset of being depressed I wasn’t going to drink coffee anymore. However, over time I’ve noticed my mood has improved. I feel happier and overall just better since I switched over to tea and decreased my overall daily caffeine intake.


5. I saved money

Since I quit all the Starbucks runs and spending money on coffee supplies, my bank account has really thanked me. I now have extra money to either save or spend on a healthier habit instead. Win-win.


If any of you have tried giving up coffee (or caffeine completely) I’d love to hear your stories too!


2 thoughts on “5 Things That Happened When I Quit Coffee

  1. I haven’t tried giving up coffee, though I only drink one cup a day (and sometimes I go a day or two without it). I don’t want stop though – I still sleep fine, have lots of energy, and it doesn’t make me anxious. I also enjoy grinding my own beans and smelling it early in the morning haha. But I’ll take your story as a warning not to drink more than my one cup or I might get addicted and start having those symptoms. 🙂

    Also, matcha is delicious – a good choice for switching to another drink!

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