I Designed My Own Shoes?! Here’s How You Can Too

Ever since I was a young girl playing Nancy Drew Danger by Design, or watching the Devil Wears Prada, I always dreamed of how cool it would be to design clothes or even work for a major fashion designer. There’s something incredibly special about wearing something that is 100% original. It’s sweetly unique to be able to respond to the question “who are you wearing?” with a simple “me!” This past week my girlish dream came true as two chic gold boxes of shoes from Shoes of Prey arrived at my door, designed by none other than yours truly.

The packaging is super chic!

Let me back up a second, I’m not a fashion designer nor will you see my name tagged onto the clothes hanging in Nordstrom anytime soon. I actually got to design my very own pair of shoes through a company called Shoes of Prey which instantly became my new favorite shoe company of all time. Here’s why:

Shoes of Prey has a one of a kind site where you can either start designing your shoe from scratch or pick from a variety of pre-selected styles and customize it to your liking.

I elected to design my shoes from scratch. I decided I wanted a pair of versatile shoes that I could wear during the day at work, or dress up for a night out. I picked out a pointed flat style, inputted my size, added a strap, finessed the color, and kept the decor and heel type very simple. It was that easy! I also made a pair of sleek Roma flats.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
The flats I designed
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
How cute are these Roma flats I made?

What was really cool about designing the shoes is that you can add a custom inscription. I elected to add my initials to really feel like a Jenna Welsh original was arriving at my doorstep.

My inscription written in beautiful gold on the inside

Not only were they super chic and fashionable when they arrived and I finally slipped them on, they’re incredibly comfortable as well. The company ships your shoes with a pair of inserts that makes walking in them feel like walking on a pair of pillows. I have genuinely never put on a shoe that was both fashionable and actually comfortable. Major cudos to Shoes of Prey for achieving the impossible on that one.

Not only did I receive many compliments on my shoes, there was something very unique and significant about putting on a pair of shoes that I had designed myself. This is seriously like the build-a-bear workshop for grown women. I spent hours upon hours on the site and felt like a kid in a candy shop. When they finally arrived, tears of pride filled my eyes as I gazed over what I had created (okay not literally… I didn’t cry over shoes. But you get the picture).

I DEFINITELY definitely recommend checking this company out. I cannot praise the company or emphasize enough how truly exciting it is to not only design your own shoes, but parade them around for the first time with the knowledge that you’re wearing an original YOU. Let me know what you think, what kind of shoes you design, and what inscription you choose!



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